7 Points To Consider BEFORE creating or re-doing your website

7 Points To Consider BEFORE creating or re-doing your website

Are you doing this yourself, or hiring someone to do it?

This is a key step that we recommend you take, away from your computer and distractions, focusing solely on the goal of your project.  Whether it's for a business, a blog, or a hobby, here are some tips that hopefully will point you in the right direction.  As with all advice, there is not a one size fits all solution, this is why we have consultants for that, but answering the questions below are a good place to get started.


1) Who are you building this website for?  (Note: the site is not for you!)

2) What are your visitors looking for exactly?

3) Will you have time to develop fresh content, ideas, products to your visitors?

4) What web platform offers what you need to develop your project?

5) Will you be doing this by yourself, with help, or are you hiring somebody to do it?

6) Who will be maintaining the website content, and uploading the content you put together in point 3)?

7) Who will be maintaining the website platform and analytics?


These are a few things to think about when engaging a website development project, whether on your own or with help.  I will follow up with future posts covering the following:


  • Tips For An Effective Website
  • Guide For Working With An Agency
  • Content Planning


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